RB Tech specializes in customized Private Label contract manufacturing of wet wipes. We offer services to businesses who wish to launch World Class wet wipes in their own Brand, from basic to high premium quality.Helping you through choosing the best wipes formulations, substrates and packaging for your specific needs.
Complete service from Art Work to formulation support is provided for individual requirement of the client at competitive cost.

R B Tech offered

Baby Wipes 
(with & without Fragrance)
~For Baby Care, Cleansing & Refreshing~
Pack Sizes–> 20 pcs, 25 pcs, 80 pcs

Antibacterial Sanitizing Wipes
(with & without Fragrance)
~For Personal Use & Advertisement~
Pack Sizes–> Single Piece.
20 pcs, 25 pcs, 30 pcs

Personal Beauty Care
Make-Up Remover–>For complete removal of all types of Make-up smoothly including Mascara while moisturization.
Cleansing, Refreshing & Moisturization–> Three-in-one Wet wipes for effective cleansing, refreshing & moisturization with International Fragrances.
Pack Sizes–>15 pcs, 20 pcs, 25 pcs, 30 pcs pcs

The Company offers services to businesses who are looking at a smarter and more unique way of advertising their brands through distribution of ‘Take-Aways’- Single Sachet Wet Wipes

Hand Sanitizer

Oasis Hand Sanitizers are specially formulated with Vitamin oils and attractive Edible color beads for healthy and moisturizing skin. Available from 10ml to 500 ml
Label : 30 ml ,50 ml ,100 ml ,200 ml ,250 ml,500 ml
Application: Hand Sanitizer
Fragrance: Lemon, Lavender, Green Burst, Orange
Certification: ISO certified, FDA approved
Supply ability: 20,000/Day with all sku’s

We will offer you with full white labeling of Hand Sanitize Available from 10ml to 500 ml
Label : 30 ml ,50 ml ,100 ml ,200 ml ,250 ml,500 ml
Application: Hand Sanitizer
Fragrance: Lemon, Lavender, Green Burst, Orange
Certification: ISO certified, FDA approved
Supply ability: 20,000/Day with all sku’s

Art work Approval Process

Prior to processing your order, we will work with you to finalize all art work including any necessary regulatory information.

Option-1 : You can design the art work yourself .Once completed please email us. We will review and prepare for laminate & label printing.

Option-2 : Our design team can assist you in finalizing a unique design, Using your logos, colors and information or we can create something totally new from scratch.

Formulation Process

Option-1 : Our R&D have already developed unique and cost effective formulations for wet wipe impregnation .We will assist you in choosing the best formulation for your specific requirement .Once approved, we will provide samples before mass production for final consent of formulations and fragrance.

Option-2 : You can provide your formulations .After complete development for proper stability and micro-testing we will provide lab developed samples before mass production for final consent of formulations and fragrances.

Option-3 : We can develop customized formulations for specific requirements Custom designed formulations with proper stability & micro-testing can take upto 4 months and development charges range from 5000 INR to 15,000 INR, depending upon the complexity of the Formulation.
For customized formulation , we partner closely with you and adhere to the strictest confidentiality standards , giving you peace of mind through every step of our partnership.


FOR WET WIPES : We can guide you through selection of suitable spunlace non woven fabric substrates for your application ranging from 40 gsm to 80 gsm.
Selection of specific gsm & fabric blend is important for its suitability to particular application .We will help you select the best blend of Polyester / Viscos and 100% Biodegradable Non woven fabric on request.

For Hand Sanitizer : bottle type along with fragrance.

Packing Laminate

The structure of packing laminate plays a vital role in retaining the functional and active ingredients of the formulations. Keeping the wipe wet for prolonged period depends much upon the structure of the packaging laminate.
We will assist you in choosing the most suitable laminate as per formulations for functional and aesthetic appearance

Counts & Size

We  provide Single Piece Sachets and multi pulls flow packs of 10 pulls / 15 pulls / 20 pulls / 25 pulls & 30 pulls .
For Baby Wipes & Household Wipes, we have the facility to pack 50 pulls / 72 pulls / 80 pulls , 100 pulls & 120 pulls per pack. Generally 150mm x 200mm unfolded wipe size is common for single & multi piece packs .However , we can produce different sizes on request . For Baby Wipes size of 150mm x 200 mm is popular and 180mmx200mm for houselhold wipes is generally offered

Formulation & Testing

RB Tech has highly qualified staffed in R&D & house lab where formulation, micro-testing and package compatibility testing are performed.
Maintaining Class 10,000 in Labs and Class 100 in Micro Testing, we assure complete safety and quality for all our products.


Through art work, laminate & label printing, we will confirm minimum time period of delivery.
Generally it takes 4 to 5 weeks for standard wet wipe & Other hand sanitizer formulations.The time lead is obviously more for customized formulations.

Shipping & Production Time

We will confirm the best shipping method including time, transit and cost.
All product shipments are FOB shipping port.


A commitment-A promise

We take pride in understanding the different regulations and making sure that each wipe that we manufacture is in compliance with our standards for better hygiene to the world.


Hotels / Resorts / HOSPITALITY / Spa & Salon / Institutional Supply

Ref Wipes are extremely versatile & highly appreciated by all users , creating a positive impression & value added service to enhance the image of any organization.
Welcome your esteemed Guests with Refreshing Wipes that freshen up immediately with lingering fragrances and long lasting moisturization
Your LOGO says it all.Get your LOGO & MESSAGE printed on the laminates with choice of your fragrance & formulation.
Wet Wipes speak for your services and class .Pack a Pack of Refreshing Wet Towels while your Guests are checking out .Make their stay a memorable one .We promise , they will love these souvenir.
RB Tech provides high quality , affordable bulk packings to businesses across a spectrum of Industries .With your LOGO & Message we will provide cost effective bulk packings for your daily house keeping & distribution.
Our Wet Wipes know how to impress your Customers

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